5 Ways to Improve The Effectiveness of Child Protection System

Children should always be protected as they are minors who can not protect themselves. This is why children protection systems are put in place so that children rights and freedoms are always upheld and adhered to. Children protection systems need to be quite effective and should always be respected.

Each country today has their own children protection system that is supported by the government and is bound by the law to bring convictions to courts of those people who abuse children rights. Children are quite innocent and they should always be put first when it comes to their rights. They are not at liberty to make decisions for themselves and this is why a good and effective protection system should be put in place.

Here are 5 ways to improve the effectiveness of children protection system:

1. Create awareness

The first thing you need to do while improving children protection system is to first educate people on children rights. People need to be informed on the penalties of abusing children rights and the consequences that come with it. You can choose several platforms to do this such as social media, media houses and newspapers. They are quite effective ways that will get masses to know about children protection.

2. Uphold the policies, rules, and regulations

Once one is found to have done any sort of thing that violates the children rights they should be convicted. There should be no instance of special favor to them as these are people that should be treated just like any other criminal. The rules and regulations set by the system should be adhered to the latter and always upheld.

3. Opening mobile offices

Instead of having just one big office where all claims are brought to you should open more clinics. Decentralize the offices so that people will be able to come to the offices instead of giving up on the way. the offices need to be as close as possible to the people so that they will feel at peace and have no difficulties coming to the offices.

4. Automate the system

Instead of people having to keep on writing claims to you advance the technology that you are using to an automated one. Have a website at least where they can send their claims to and get resolutions as fast as possible. Even though the offices should be opened they should be as effective as possible and should not pile up files in them. Create databases that are secure to save information on so that nothing will be lost or mishandled.

5. Listen to both parties

An effective children protection system should always listen to both parties. Most claims of abuse are brought forward by the children’s parents and guardians. You need to get to the root of things so that you know what exactly happened. You should listen to keenly and take notes. Listen also to what the kid will say before making a judgment – read article on the importance of child protection.